RS1 Dream Kona Racesuit Men - Black/Red

Code: ORT-R2-BK-RD-HV  |  Unit: EACH



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    CODE: ORT-R25164-HV

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    CODE: ORT-R25464-HV

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    CODE: ORT-R25764-HV


The best aero tri suit on the market. Developed together with athletes such as Sebastian Kienle, Andrew Starykowicz and Asa Lundstrom to provide maximum performance. Exclusive Orca fabrics provide the greatest aerodynamic benefit in addition to keeping your body dry, thanks to their hydrophobic properties.

  • Specifications

    Friction-reducing fabric

    The front panel and sleeves are made from AeroSkin2 fabric that reduces friction in the water and improves aerodynamics on the bicycle. This new fabric provides greater lightness and flexibility.

    Aerodynamic design

    The new fabric on the sleeves and back, together with ultrasonically-sealed seams improve aerodynamics on the bicycle. Its 3D texture has been optimised in a wind tunnel to delay the lift of the boundary layer, reducing the cyclist’s aerodynamic coefficient.

    Maximum elasticity

    With this new combination of fabrics, besides better aerodynamic performance, you’ll have enough elasticity to swim with the top part on, thus saving a few valuable seconds during the transition.


    Thanks to coldblack® technology, the black colour of the back behaves like a white fabric for better temperature regulation. What’s more, the side mesh panels give you greater breathability where you need it most. The 3D texture of the fabric on the sleeves and back reduces the area that is in contact with your skin, providing greater breathability.

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