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Squirt Sealant

Squirt Sealant with Beadlock


Tubeless tyres across all sectors are rapidly increasing in popularity.

Sealant is constantly evolving; and in the case of Squirt with BeadBlock ®, raising the standard.

Not all punctures are perfect. Squirts new sealant with beadblock ® fundamentally improves what can be sealed with confidence.

Squirt sealant with BeadBlock ®, improving the way tyres seal.

Squirt Sealant is a blend of non-hazardous (according to EEC criteria) constituents which inc...

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Tubeless Technology SCHWALBE

Tubeless Technology


Mountain bike, road race or touring. For all ambitious riders Tubeless is the right choice. Tubeless tyres offer clear advantages in speed, comfort, grip and puncture resistance.

There is no friction between the tyre and tube. This crucially reduces the rolling resistance. It is even lower than in super-light competition tyres.

Tubeless can be ridden at lower air pressure - Lower air pressure increases the contact patch. This brings noticeable advantages in comfort, but a...

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