Squirt Sealant with Beadlock

Tubeless tyres across all sectors are rapidly increasing in popularity.

Sealant is constantly evolving; and in the case of Squirt with BeadBlock ®, raising the standard.

Not all punctures are perfect. Squirts new sealant with beadblock ® fundamentally improves what can be sealed with confidence.

Squirt sealant with BeadBlock ®, improving the way tyres seal.

Squirt Sealant is a blend of non-hazardous (according to EEC criteria) constituents which include ammonia-free water-based latex, components which prevent freezing and inhibit premature drying out. It contains pH stabilisers, corrosion inhibitors and preservatives. It also contains natural microfibres, which are suspended in the formulation and ceramic kernels are further added to increase the seal-ability of the solution.

Squirt Sealant with BeadBlock Granules is a good all year-round tyre sealant that will not dry out prematurely or permit the tyre walls to stick together. The liquid solution is suitable for sealing puncture holes up to 3mm without the BeadBlock kernels or 6mm with them. It is suitable for use from -20 °C to 40 °C.

Squirt Sealant